Mango v4 Released

Mango v4 Beta is here.

September 14th, 2020

This site will be dedicated to Mango v4. For v3 docs, go to here

You can know download the Mango v4 Beta from here. This version comes with tons of new features:

  • Completely remove legacy UI
  • Remove REST v1 api
  • Add new role table and roles to replace legacy permission strings, the upgrade will convert all permission strings into unique roles and ensure that the permissions remain the same
  • Remove data point chart renderers as they are not used in the new UI
  • Remove support for RQL keywords permissionscontainsany and permissionscontainsall
  • Properties from can now be overridden using a Java system property
  • Properties from are no longer reloadable, they are only loaded once on system startup
  • Any property value retrieved from can now include another property value using ${propertyName} syntax
  • Make log directory, temporary (work) directory, and file data (image point values) directory configurable via
  • Use configurable logs directory for DB upgrade logs
  • Module zip files are now downloaded to the configurable temp directory when upgrading
  • Remove userEvents table which would allow a user to silence an event for yourself in the legacy UI
  • Fix bug in MySQL database create script which would create the name column 40 characters long instead of 255
  • Add ability to create new event detectors for a data point by importing them without an xid
  • Upgrade Jackson library to 2.10.2
  • Upgrade Apache POI to 4.1.2 which is used in Excel Report generation
  • Upgrade MySQL connector to 8.0.19 driver classname is now com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver
  • Add permission to allow users to change their own username defaults to allow all users to do this
  • Add new types to Mailing List to allow any phone number and User phone numbers
  • Adding a system setting that allows control over what tags are displayed this defaults to all tags
  • Add read and edit permission to event detectors default to previous behavior if no permissions are set
  • Add events view permission that has a default of the user role to be consistent with previous versions of Mango this permission can restrict a user to not be able to see any events
  • Leverage module versions database table for more robust upgrade/installation support
  • Adding system setting emailDisabled to allow globally disabling email temporarily
  • Add free form JSON data field to data point and data source to allow storage of custom data in the configuration
  • Expose ‘data’ field in Mango javascript context for data point wrappers. Usage
  • Change disk space monitoring metrics to report GB rather than bytes
  • Add more monitored values to monitor server hardware performance and various disk partition sizes in GB
  • Add free form JSON data field to event detectors to allow storage of custom data in the configuration
  • Add anonymous role for public access to public file store
  • Upgrade H2 to 1.4.200 to pickup new features and bugfixes
  • Upgrade Spring to 5.2.6
  • Upgrade Spring security to 5.3.4.RELEASE
  • Persist HTTP sessions across reboots so Users are not logged out
  • Delete Mango work directory on upgrade as it is only used for the legacy UI
  • Fix bug where the quantize setting on a data source was not being imported in a JSON import
  • Add ability for modules to define asynchronous servlets
  • Upgrade apache commons database pool library (commons-dbcp2) to 2.7.0
  • Change PointValueDao interface to use full DataPointVO instead of just the data point id
  • Change MySQL character set to utf8mb4 for full UTF support (note: Mango requires MySQL v5.7.8 or newer)
  • Upgrade Caffeine cache library to 2.8.5
  • Retry failed transactional insert/updates for database layer controlled via env property db.transaction.retries
  • Upgrade H2 to use MV Store engine for performance, this will dump and re-import your existing h2 database on upgradeon upgrade

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